Advertising Unit
Only an open mind can look at a dessert that has caught fire by mistake and see a crepe suzette.

The Advertising Unit has a strategic/creative vocation and focuses on 360° Brand Communication.

In particular:

• it analyses the market and the competitors, to identify a distinctive tone of voice and brand positioning

• it identifies the reason why of the product and the communication objective

• it focalizes on the target and the consumer insight

• it develops the Unique Selling Proposition

• it communicates the most important advantage of the product through a creative concept

• it studies how to best transmit the key message in an effective, lateral and disruptive way. This is how we develop projects that embrace above the line, below the line and non-conventional advertising.

Design Unit
If an idea could be contained in a box, we could design that too.

The Design Unit is very simply the quintessence of good taste in terms of graphics and visual elegance.

It primarily focuses on:

• Packaging

• Corporate Image

• Point of Sale Materials

• Below the Line

• Booths for fairs


Digital Unit
Creativity is not about imagining a home page divided in a million pixels. Itís about imagining a million pixels multiplied in a million dollars.

When time goes fast, you've got to have strong legs and deep breath to keep up with it. Our Digital Unit, Partner of Google Advertising, thinks and develops websites with the most innovative technologies.

Its main tasks are:

• creation of web sites (portals, e-commerce, community, blog/forum) for PC, Mac and mobile

• web marketing (SEO, management of display banner campaigns, key search marketing, management of Adwords campaign)

• development of smartphones app (IOS and Android) and Facebook

• social marketing

• consumer promotion (advergames, instant win and web contests).

Media Unit
To conquer its public, a brand has to display itself in all its splendour.

There are no successful ideas if they are not delivered through the right medium. If the idea is the diver, the medium is the trampoline. For this reason we have our own internal Media Unit, that works with the other departments to plan all the media communication both on and off line, to give every brand the ideal exposure.

The Media Unit takes care of all the stages of the work, with the aid of dedicated software:

market and consumer analysis





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